Places To Visit in central Delhi

Connaught Place

We all know this place as “CP” it is the heart of Delhi and this place under in Central Delhi. When you enter this place you will see beautiful Architecture there which reminds you of British rule in India. It is Famous for Georgian style Architectural Building and forms two concentric circles with seven roads. These roads connecting the outer circle and the inner circle which make this place unique and its divide into Blocks. This place built by the British during their rule in India. CP was named after the Duke of “Connaught” who was a member of the British Imperial family.

This is the main Financial, Commercial, and business center in New Delhi. Mainly this place is a shopping hub for every Delhite. It is the most desirable place to visit for everyone. You can spend your entire day roaming around the inner and outer circle of Connaught place. There are lots of things to do like, shopping, eating, watching movie and many more activities.

This is also one of the most expensive commercial market and also there is no better place than Connaught place for shopping. You can shop from the brands like zara, H&M, van Heusen, Hidesign, Louis Philippe, Raymond, Bata, Nike, woodland etc and you also can shop from the local vendors at very cheap price. There are also so many Restaurants, Bars and cafes at Cannought place you can eat North Indian cuisine, South Indian cuisine, Modern Indian Cuisine, Continential and Indian cuisine etc and you also can enjoy street food there. This market opens for 6 days in a week and closes on sunday.

You can see

Palika Bazar

It is an underground market its located between the outer and inner circle of Connaught place. Palika Bazar is the most famous market of Delhi it is a paradise for every shopper. There are 380 numbered of shops selling a diverse range of items. This market specially famous for electronics items and clothes. You can also buy perfumes, jewellry, footwear, CDs, lifestyle products, accessories etc. When you enter the market you will be greeted by a heap of shopkeepers yelling about their shops and products, hoping to attract buyer. Not only inside of the Palika Bazar you get attract by the outside of the Palika Bazar. because of street stalls, tattoo shops, street food etc. Palika bazar is another prime shopping destination. Not only Delhiites even people other regions also visit Delhi to Shop from Palika Bazar. You Can bargain there to the depths of your heart for more fair prices too.

Unethically known for its extensive bargaining like, you can buy a bag at Rs 300 whose initial price might be 3000. This market test your bargaining skill. Don’t be hurry to buy from there, take time to explore all the options. There are chances that you will find a better deal at another shop. Bargaining is the mantra for the market like Palika and if bargaining doesn’t work try to walking a few step away from the shop. The Chances are high there, that shopkeeper will reduce price. One such market in Delhi where you can buy trendy clothes and accessories for the cheapest deal that is PALIKA BAZAR.




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